Keller Law Endorses Litigation Advantage

After extreme vetting of local trial support companies, which included personal interviews, submission of proposals and resumes, with final approval by the United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania, Litigation Advantage was awarded the contract to support the defense team in one of the longest trials in the history of the Western District of Pennsylvania.  See Post Gazette article.

Following this trial, Brandon Keller, Esquire provided the following endorsement regarding the litigation support provided by Litigation Advantage.

"Karen worked with us each and every day at trial, after hours and on the weekends.  She provided us with much more than litigation support.  She provided perspective and ammunition for our case.  In a grueling 3½ month long trial, involving thousands of exhibits, Karen managed to not only meet our needs, but anticipated them before we asked. 

Here’s an example.  Karen and I reviewed documents together prior to my direct examination of an important, high-profile witness.  Even though we had limited time to prepare, she assisted in the review of the documents, flagged important information in the documents and then during the examination of the witness used Trial Director software to run the document-heavy examination flawlessly.   She knew what was important, because of her litigation experience, and the fact that she cared about and learned the fine details of our case theory.

When you retain Karen, you will have a secret weapon!"

Brandon Keller, Esq.
Keller Law, LLC