Legal Video Services

Our legal video specialists offer high-end legal video production and playback services.

Video-Taped Depositions

Litigation Advantage is the clear choice to preserve visual testimony. Our videographers are very knowledgeable and have strong skill sets in legal videography. Our videographers also have litigation and/or investigative backgrounds. We believe this is why our clients count on us to record and retain testimony of their key witnesses. Many of our clients have recognized that changes in speech pattern or pauses in testimony, a downward look, a look at their attorney for advice on how to answer and facial expressions need to be documented in a way that cannot be done with traditional transcripts. Our video experts are trained to capture these changes during the deposition.

Video-Text Synchronization

Synchronize your legal video deposition with hard-copy transcripts by having us link the digital video with the ASCII text. We create the video and text synched products in a form that can be loaded into most litigation support software. We produce DepoView DVD’s that require no additional third-party software, as the viewing and search and retrieval capabilities are built right into the product discs.

Videotaped Deposition with Visual Exhibits & Illustrations

Please contact us to discuss how we can effectively present your Exhibit(s) or Illustration(s) during a video playback. Some vendors call this service an “interactive deposition” or “picture-in-picture".