Litigation Support Services

Deposition Summaries:

Litigation Advantage has attorneys available to prepare deposition summaries of litigants and lay and expert witnesses . Summaries of trials and hearings can also be prepared.    Deposition summaries can be done in the following formats:

Case Organization:

In large litigation cases, organization of paper is essential. Litigation Advantage provides customized file organization. We will discuss with our client their organizational preference, and we will provide some suggestions; i.e. preparing party specific pleadings, discovery binders, etc. We have found that this is very helpful in multi-party cases. Case materials can be organized in binders, pressboard folders, manila folders, etc., with a variety of tabbing and indexing methods. In addition to organizing your paper file, Litigation Advantage can scan your paper file into an "electronic cabinet" or database. Please see Record & Information Management for more details.

PowerPoint Presentations:

PowerPoint presentations are used to "visually connect your spoken words". Litigation Advantage's visual strategists are available to prepare PowerPoint presentations for:

We will work with you to make sure that your slides are:

Excel Spreadsheets:

The same is criteria is followed for preparing Excel Spreadsheets as for PowerPoint presentations. Some spreadsheets are an easy set up and data entry; others involve complex set up, formula structures and detailed data entry. Excel spreadsheets are very helpful to detail medical bill payments and non-payments. In large cases, we have prepared Excel spreadsheets to cross-reference witnesses identified by all parties in pre-trial statements. Prices will vary depending upon complexity of assignment.